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Nexus Airlines is pleased to offer our guests a relaxed passenger experience through our fleet of Next Generation Dash 8 Q400 aircraft.

With superior performance characteristics, the Dash 8 Q400 is designed to operate in challenging weather conditions such as those prevalent throughout regional Western Australia. The aircraft also offers the lowest fuel consumption per passenger seat of any turboprop in the industry, while maintaining jet-like speed, which means there is a 30% to 40% reduction in carbon emissions.

Thrust: 5071 shp


Our cabin is our second home and when you’re flying with us, it’s yours too! Our aircraft are designed for passenger comfort, with advanced vibration and noise cancelling technology, unobstructed leg room, ample head and shoulder space, and windows that allow more natural light.

Our professional cabin crew look forward to welcoming you onboard and making your journey as comfortable as possible. We are here to help, so if you need a taxi when you arrive at your destination, or a recommendation for dinner, please just ask our friendly team.

Enjoy Every Bite

We are proudly Western Australian and strive to support the regions wherever we can, so expect to see some familiar and locally sourced food items delivered to your tray table. All flights include a complimentary light snack and refreshments (water, tea, and coffee).

North-West Australian rock formation


Nexus Airlines recognises that emissions from aviation are a material contributor to climate change and that we are lucky to operate in some of the state’s most environmentally significant regions. We are committed to preserving our incredible natural assets and doing our part to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our aim is to be an environmental leader in Australia’s short-haul aviation industry. Our Dash 8 – Q400 aircraft deliver the lowest CO2 emissions per passenger in the short-haul market (generating 30-40% lower emissions in comparison to regional jets, and greater than 50% lower emissions to narrowbody jets on comparable routes).  This coupled with our soon-to-be-launched Carbon Offset Program will ensure that we deliver on our environmental promises to…

  • Reduce net carbon emissions and minimise our environmental impact in all that we do.
  • Preserve and protect the natural resources of the destinations and regions we operate within.
  • Consider our environmental impact and implement mitigation procedures wherever possible.

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