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Travelling with Infants and Children


Travelling with Infants and Children

Travelling with children can be a crazy mix of excitement, stress, fun, and sometimes even tears! We understand that at times it can be challenging, especially with smaller children and babies. Our cabin crew are here to help and are committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of you, your children, and other passengers. On all Nexus Airlines flights, families are seated together whenever possible.

Below is some information to help you understand what to expect when you travel with infants and children on a Nexus Airlines service


Newborns cannot fly within the first 48 hours of delivery and require medical clearance to travel up to 7 days after delivery. All mothers will require medical clearance if travelling within 7 days of giving birth.

Infants (up to 2 years)

Infants who have not reached their 2nd birthday by the date of travel and do not occupy a seat travel free of charge on all Nexus Airline flights. Parents can carry an infant under two years of age on their lap. An infant seatbelt extension will be supplied by the Cabin Crew as well as detailed instructions around the correct use.

For safety reasons, only one (1) infant is permitted to be seated on an adult’s lap. If more than one infant is travelling with an adult, the second infant must be able to sit upright in their own purchased seat and must be able to wear the seatbelt attached to that seat.

Hand baggage charges and quantity limits do not apply for passengers travelling with an infant for items required during boarding, in-flight and disembarking (items such as clothing, nappies, milk, prams). Note: even if your baggage meets these requirements, we may refuse to carry it if it’s not properly and securely packed. Finally, remember that no single item of checked baggage can exceed 32kg and all cabin baggage must fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead locker.

Children 2-15:

Nexus Airlines defines children as aged between 2 and 15 years. Children travel on a full fare and are given the same baggage allowance as an adult, this includes 23kg of checked baggage and 7kg carry-on.

For children between 13-16 years of age travelling alone, identification must be provided by a parent or guardian at check-in

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