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Luggage (inc. Excess Baggage)

Checked Luggage

All fares offered by Nexus Airlines include a checked luggage allowance of 23kg, allowing passengers to bring up to 2 pieces of luggage. If passengers wish to carry additional luggage beyond the permissible limit specified in the Fare Rules, they may do so by paying an extra charge. The charge for extra luggage is $5.50 per kilogram if pre-booked, and $20 per kilogram if booked at the time of check-in.

Passengers have the option to purchase excess luggage online, with a maximum limit of 64kg per person. However, it is important to adhere to the maximum weight limit of 32kg for any individual luggage item. The final decision regarding the acceptance of overweight luggage lies with Nexus Airlines and is subject to their discretion.

In line with the regulations, each passenger is permitted to carry 2 pieces of luggage. If passengers require additional baggage items, they are advised to contact the Nexus Airlines Reservations team to make the necessary arrangements. It should be noted that the acceptance of additional luggage is subject to the availability of space and payload capacity. Checked baggage charges and quantity limits do not apply for passengers travelling with wheelchairs, prams and medical equipment required between check-in and boarding.

Furthermore, it is essential to be aware of the size limitations applicable to checked bags. Oversized items may not be guaranteed carriage and may incur an additional fee. Nexus Airlines and its appointed agents explicitly state that they assume no liability for any damages resulting from the loss, delay, or damage of goods or luggage. Moreover, the carrier bears no responsibility for fragile or perishable articles carried within the luggage.

Three people loading luggage into a Nexus Airlines airplane

Hand Luggage

Passengers may carry on a maximum of 2 pieces for a combined total weight of 7kg. Maximum size of hand luggage is 48cm x 34cm x 23cm. Hand luggage exceeding these limitations must be checked in, excess luggage fees may be applied. Hand baggage charges and quantity limits do not apply for passengers travelling with wheelchairs, prams and medical equipment required between check-in and boarding. All cabin baggage must fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead locker.

Lost or Misplaced Baggage

If your baggage is not available for collection on arrival or is damaged, please contact Nexus at or phone 08 6155 4500 before you leave the airport. A  Property Irregularity Report will be filed along with a report number, and a tracing procedure will be initiated by Nexus Reservations.

Most delayed baggage is located and delivered within two business days. We’ll do all possible to expedite this process so that you are reunited with your baggage as quickly as possible.

Need more luggage?

Excess Baggage

Pre-pay for your extra baggage up to 24 hours prior to your flights departure time and save on the excess baggage prices at the airport.

$0.00 Per Kg Excess Baggage
$0.00 Per Kg at Airport

Published rates are effective as of 15 February, 2023. To purchase Excess Baggage, please contact our reservations team on (08) 6155 4500.

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