Regional Fare Scheme


Discounted Fares for Regional Residents

The Regional Airfare Zone Cap scheme is an initiative by the WA State Government in partnership with Nexus. For eligible regional residents, the ‘Resident Fares’ mean that they now pay only $199 for a ticket to Perth from Geraldton ($398 return ticket for Geraldton to Perth and back).

To access zone capped fares, search return flights from Geraldton to Perth and select ‘Book Resident Fare’ when prompted.

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Eligibility Criteria:
  • Verification of eligibility required.  A declaration must be made at time of booking and the details may be passed on to the WA State Government for audit and enforcement purposes.
  • Permanent residents of Regional WA (not Perth or Peel),
  • Travel is for personal reasons only (not business travel or FIFO),
  • Passengers must complete a return journey into Perth, starting from a regional town.
  • Checked baggage allowance of 23kg (up to two pieces)
  • Refunds are permitted prior to the day of departure for a fee.
  • Credits and reschedules are permitted prior to the day of departure + applicable fare difference.
  • Transfers are not permitted.
  • Credit expiry 12 months from original departure date.

For more information on the Regional Airfare Zone Cap please visit: https://www.transport.wa.gov.au/aviation/regional-airfare-zone-cap.asp

See Nexus Terms and Conditions of Carriage for more information.

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