Nexus Airlines and Baseball WA Join Forces

Nexus Airlines and Baseball WA Join Forces

28 February 2024

At Nexus Airlines, we’re thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with Baseball WA for the upcoming 2024 season.

One of the primary objectives of our partnership with Baseball WA is to provide more opportunities for young players on the Karratha and Port Hedland teams. Nexus Airlines will be supporting travel between Port Hedland, Karratha and Perth, ensuring that these aspiring athletes can participate in games, tournaments, and coaching sessions. By eliminating barriers to travel, we hope to unlock the full potential of these young talents.

In addition to supporting players, Nexus Airlines is committed to assisting Baseball WA staff on development trips across regional WA. These trips are vital for the growth and development of baseball programs in various communities. Our partnership ensures that Baseball WA staff can efficiently travel to different regions, contributing to the overall expansion of baseball throughout Western Australia.

Nexus Airlines is proud to be a part of Baseball WA’s journey towards building a stronger and more connected baseball community in Western Australia. Together, we look forward to fostering growth, providing opportunities, and making a lasting impact on the lives of players and communities across the Pilbara region and beyond.


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